Price Comparison on A&F hoodies: what does the difference mean?

Since I were aware that I could purchase a&f clothes online at a much cheaper price, I spent hours online to find myself an A.F. hoodie.

I thought that ebay might be a much trusty friend than google. So I searched “Abercrombie hoodie” in ebay, conditioned with “men’s clothing” & “new”, and got the following results(this link):

The items showed are tagged with price from $2 to $70. If we omit the only two hoodies below $10, and other two around $15, the general price is between $25 and $60, which also causes puzzles. Which price sells genuine A&F?

For comparison, I also made a search in A&F’s official site, general price for A&F hoodies are around $90, as is shown down below (this link).


We can easily find that even the highest price in ebay ($69.95) is still lower than the cheapest ($70) on the official site. And generally speaking, ebay goods sell at 50% lower than goods on the official site. How comes the difference? And could these cheaper ones still be genuine?






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