Cheap VS genuine: can they also be friends?

We usually take it natural that genuine objects sell more expensive. If it is the truth, we can only buy stuffs from their manufacturers or their officially recognized resellers. And that always comes with a price higher than our funds. Does that mean we can hardly have a chance with famous or decent brands we always dream of?

Fortunately, chances are there where we can come across splendid brands being sold at an affordable price. And the opportunity grows as the internet shopping floods all the way into our life.

I’ve mentioned that my friend had bought a Moncler jacket at a surprisingly low price. Later I cautiously had a try from an online store called <a href=” “>goabercrombie</a> for an A&F shirt. It costs me 48 bucks, 32 buck cheaper than its official buddies. And as I hoped, the shirt feels the same with the ones displayed in the shop. At least, my friends and I love it. (He bought one too as I got mine.) We find it no difference with shirts on display.


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