The ULTIMATE Guide to Avoid Fake Abercrombie!

Authentic abercrombie is getting harder to find on ebay. We all want a great deal, but can we really trust all these sellers? I LOVE abercrombie, and want the people of the ebay community to be able to gets some great deals, without wasting their money and time. After my many purchases, and being scammed loads of times, I have gathered my experiences to write this guide. I want to help others avoid what I couldn’t, because I sure know the feeling of opening up a package and being disappointed…

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And now, the Ultimate guide to avoiding FAKE abercrombie…

Amount-Does a seller have a lot of the same item? Bulk quantities should mean a red flag!

Buttons-Most buttons are engraved with “Abercrombie and Fitch”

Have you seen it?-Does the product really exist? Is there such thing as a Vivica hoodie? Ezra Fitch polo? Black T-shirt? Nope! It’s fake! Below are pictures of items that are fake (I didn’t take these pictures)…they all have awkward moose logos (and ALL have logos) and are new with tags (where only the backside is showing)…

always keep in mind, fake items have simpler designs! if it’s hard to copy (like hand-painted floral designs, distressed logos, mounted labels, jean buttons, etc) it won’t be copied. most fake items have a walking-billboard-type over-emphasized abercrombie or moose logo (see above). we all know that a lot of knits, henleys, tanks, and other abercrombie items don’t have a logo (maybe a moose stitching on the bottom left, but that’s it)…and these will most likely NOT be copied. Fake items feel the need to put some sort of moose or abercrombie logo…because otherwise the cheap materialed item won’t sell.

Fake items mostly consist of tops (hoodies, shirts, fur jackets, etc.)
Bottoms, like Jeans (which have interior waistband/backpocket stitching, engraved buttons), skirts (they don’t have oversized logos!), and sweatpants (more costly to supply a pair) will rarely be imitated. They are more expensive material to use, and harder to duplicate.

Feedback-Make sure to read the comments…because of the new feedback policy you are able to leave negative feedback if you’ve received a fake without fear or retaliation!

Location-Your best bet would be to avoid overseas sellers all together. Abercrombie is only located in the US, Canada, and a few in the UK…according to one of our readers, Lima, Peru has opened one too.
Abercrombie items are MADE overseas, and where its made doesn’t necessarily determine its authenticity.

Moose logo-Does the moose look awkward? Is it bigger or thinner than it should be? Abercrombie is about perfecting their details, all down to the very last moose stitching. If you look closely on stiched mooses, you can see at the leg that it’s not one whole stitching, the leg is another layer over the rest of the body…

Avoid new sellers if you can, they have nothing to lose.

Pictures-It’s always good to ask for more pictures. Every seller I’ve seen with fake items usually only has one picture (or a second similar one). Stock photos don’t always mean fakes, but it should be backed with more pictures. A seller of authentic items should always be willing to supply more pictures, if they don’t, don’t buy from them!

Pricing-Does it have a low starting price with several listings for the same item? Did you read to find the shipping charges are outrageously high? Bingo. These sellers will do anything to make a profit, hence the low starting price, high shipping charge, and less paid to final value fees. Try to avoid sellers who have high shipping costs.

Quality-Abercrombie, is about quality. The material should be thick, and the seam around buttons should be thick also…if the material is cheap and light, it’s a fake. Fake fur jackets will weigh significantly lighter than real ones.

I know winter is coming up and fur jackets are increasingly popular! …but the price tag is still a hefty $200! Hesitate before you purchase on ebay! Most all the ones people have asked me about have been fake!

RN/CA-The RN/CA tag is a good picture to ask for.

Remember it? I only buy things I’ve seen in stores or online. Even so, sometimes sellers use stock photos of current items (like jeans) and sell you a fake or different one, so watch out. Ask for more pictures if they have only a stock photo. NEVER fall for the “Sorry I don’t have my camera” excuse. Double check and make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting.

New items have a greater tendency to be fake.

Be suspicious if they advertise NWT but never clearly show you a picture of the tag or show you just the back
(The back of the tag is easier to print, the front (like the picture below) is a bit harder to duplicate).
<<at a glance it’s hard to tell!


Lately theres been a lot of jeans on eBay. Marshalls, TJMaxx, and a few others sell irregular jeans with black lines and stamped irregular through all the tags/labels, even if the seller says “no noticeable irregularity” when it’s marked irregular, there’s a reason why it’s not being sold in an Abercrombie store. These are authentic, but irregular, note the difference.

Zippers-Abercrombie is unique in that there zippers are located on the right side when you wear it. Most have a moose, A&F, or A+F on them. The abercrombie kids have a cursive “a”.

Don’t necessarily believe it’s real because the seller said so. Do your own research!
If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. (A $200 jacket for $80? Clearly it’s fake…there’s no such thing as Abercrombie supplier, Wholesaler, Bulk Order discount, etc.)

Authentic Mounted logos are of very high quality. Fake items will rarely have a mounted label. Hoodies, fleece pants, shorts, jackets, etc. all have mounted logos. Both of these logos are authentic, though both are from hoodies and look different:

Good luck!

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