Found loads of online A&F stores

A friend from work told me that he just bought a Moncler jacket before Christmas, at a surprisingly low price. Just open Google and search Moncler, there’re quite of them. My friend was satisfied with his purchase.

So it occur to me that there might be more such online outlet store. I’ve always been a Abercrombie & Fitch fan and will spend a small fortune on them every summer. Maybe I can find some A&F outlet store in the same way and save me thousands of bucks this year.

So I did my research. This link is Google’s search result. Sure enough, there are lots of such online store offering A&F clothing at cheaper price than from the official site. Some of those sites, like even offered some style I’ve never seen before.

My question is, are those Abercrombie clothing genuine? Or just replica?

Are those phishing sites that after get you pay will never ship you anything at all?

If those t-shirts are genuine, why the price so low? Because they have special supplier or they are involved with some illegal approach?

I’ll look into those when I’ve got time.


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