I love Abercrombie & Fitch, but it’s too expensive

I love Abercrombie stuffs. They are stylishly designed. A&F models always look sexy and attractive. The Company is said to design wear only for 18-22 year youth. So the brand is also a signature of youth, which adds its magic charm on me as I grow older.

However, like many superior brands, Abercrombie products are a little bit pricey. The brand sets its aim at children from high and middle income families, and exhibits its fashions only in decent stores downtown. And as most faithful old stores, it only provides clothes in high quality, which means that you can hardly find a missed stitch. Thus no wonder it’s somewhat expensive for poor young men like me.

So the biggest question waiting for me is how I can find a cheap Abercrombie & Fitch branded clothes.

I always visit the store downtown and pay attention to everything on sale, hoping to get some A&F clothes which are both fashionable and still in my budget.

Well, it’s not easy.


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