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Cheap VS genuine: can they also be friends?

We usually take it natural that genuine objects sell more expensive. If it is the truth, we can only buy stuffs from their manufacturers or their officially recognized resellers. And that always comes with a price higher than our funds. Does that mean we can hardly have a chance with famous or decent brands we … Continue reading

Price Comparison on A&F hoodies: what does the difference mean?

Since I were aware that I could purchase a&f clothes online at a much cheaper price, I spent hours online to find myself an A.F. hoodie. I thought that ebay might be a much trusty friend than google. So I searched “Abercrombie hoodie” in ebay, conditioned with “men’s clothing” & “new”, and got the following … Continue reading

How to Spot Fake Abercrombie Clothes

Note: reprinted from ehow- Abercrombie & Fitch clothes are known to be preppy, popular and pricey. When you’re indulging, you want to make sure you get the real thing for the cash you’re paying. It’s OK to try to save a little by buying the brand secondhand or from nonretail locations, but make sure you’re … Continue reading

The ULTIMATE Guide to Avoid Fake Abercrombie!

Authentic abercrombie is getting harder to find on ebay. We all want a great deal, but can we really trust all these sellers? I LOVE abercrombie, and want the people of the ebay community to be able to gets some great deals, without wasting their money and time. After my many purchases, and being scammed loads … Continue reading

How to Spot Fake Abercrombie and Fitch on Ebay

I found this article on I hope it can be useful.   Text: Abercrombie and Fitch is a very popular brand of clothing for both men and women. Most of their clothing is pretty expensive and of very good quality. For these reasons, many sellers on Ebay will attempt to sell fake Abercrombie and … Continue reading

Found loads of online A&F stores

A friend from work told me that he just bought a Moncler jacket before Christmas, at a surprisingly low price. Just open Google and search Moncler, there’re quite of them. My friend was satisfied with his purchase. So it occur to me that there might be more such online outlet store. I’ve always been a … Continue reading

I love Abercrombie & Fitch, but it’s too expensive

I love Abercrombie stuffs. They are stylishly designed. A&F models always look sexy and attractive. The Company is said to design wear only for 18-22 year youth. So the brand is also a signature of youth, which adds its magic charm on me as I grow older. However, like many superior brands, Abercrombie products are … Continue reading

Abercrombie & Fitch–the brand history

Abercrombie & Fitch is a retailer of casual clothing and accessories including cologne and perfume for men and women targeting the collegiate demographic. The company operates over 300 stores including “abercrombie” stores for children and teenagers; and also publishes a quarterly combination magazine/catalog. The brand was established in 1892 and became known as a supplier … Continue reading